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Welcome to our website

Thank you very much for your interest in our work. On this website, you will find an overview of the various offers provided at the Arcadia Clinic for Integrative Medicine in Bad Emstal. We give advice to people with illnesses or people who are undergoing crises, and administer treatment to help them regain their health and joie de vivre. In the pages to follow, we discuss the principles of our people-oriented approach to integrative medicine.

To make our website easy to navigate, we have divided it up into four sections:

  1. Who Can Come to Arcadia Clinic 
  2. Our Medical Offer
  3. How We Treat Patients
  4. About Us

These four sections are in turn divided up into subsections that you can click on. Reading through them, you will get an idea of how varied and effective the possibilities of complementary medicine are. As you will see, ancient doctrines of wisdom and modern scientific research complement and enrich one another in our treatments!

We think it is time to explain the approaches of integrative medicine to those who are interested in more depth. People can decide which means and methods are appropriate for them personally. Our aim is to enable patients to take responsibility for their life and health step by step. We will support you in this endeavor and will gladly provide you with the knowledge and skills you need.



If you have any questions about our state-of-the-art therapies, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Dr. Christian Büttner und
Dr. Henning Saupe

Tel. +49 56 24 - 923 79 18