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The Arcadia team

The biggest asset of a facility like ours is its staff. The people who work here have taken on a special task and make every effort to create an environment where convalescence can occur. The special challenge they face is to continually be open to change and further development.

Regular team meetings and talks are absolutely essential alongside “normal” activities. In addition, continual further training is necessary to develop and improve the special level of the facility. Only in this way can patients take on more and more responsibility and come up with creative solutions to challenging situations in life and at work.

We are proud to have so many compassionate and energetic employees, without whom our work would not be possible!

Arcadia’s staff will accompany and support you on the road to better health and joie de vivre. Each employee has a specific area of expertise enabling the best-possible outcome of a treatment. At the same time, we view ourselves as a team that makes a concerted effort to work together on all levels.


Dr. med. Henning Saupe,M.D.
Leading physician
Specialised in:
Complementary oncology
Integrative medicine
Laser therapy
Dark field microscopy
Life blood analysis
Oligo scan

Hatim Nour
M.D. for Internal medicine
Specialised in:
Integrative medicine
Diabetology, Gastroenterology,
Cardiology, Geriatrics,
Intensive care, Emergency medicine
Neurology, Psychosomatics



Medizinisches und therapeutisches Personal / medical and therapeutic staff

Bröse, Maike

Fink, Sandra

Haaß, Uwe

Kestner, Daniela

Knaus, Anja

Le, Thi

Margraf, Elke

Schäfer, Nadja

Szuba, Anja

Wilhelm, Nina



Verwaltung / administration

Bring, Birgit

Erwig, Georg

Hägerich, Tanja

Knappertsbusch, Ruth

Plaßmann, Hans-Ulrich

Stein, Brigitte


arcadia Clinic

For more information about our treatments or if you need a second opinion for your medical condition and an individual doctors consultation by phone or skype, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Tel. +49 56 24 - 923 79 18

Office: 8.30-12.30 and 13.00-16.30

Wednesday afternoon our office is closed