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Nutrition and Detoxification

Good nutrition is the basis of human health. More and more people are realizing this and want to gain a deeper understanding of the links. Here we give you a short introduction to the world of the metabolism and the special usage of various kinds of diets that can be combined expressly for individual patients.

And the wide-ranging field of detoxification should not be neglected. Owing to inconsiderate business methods, more and more toxins and harmful substances are making their way into our food chain and being ingested by people. Fortunately, the human organism has various methods of detoxifying the body of harmful substances. If a detoxification possibility is blocked or exhausted, the person is threatened with severe or chronic illnesses that have to be dealt with in a targeted way. Let yourself be inspired to deal with yourself and our environment in a healthier way!

Arcadia diet

Healthy wholefoods – sustainably grown products are good for nature and for humans

In recent decades, there has been growing awareness that organic or organic-dynamic nutrition is exceptionally good both for individuals and for nature. The limits of uninhibited growth are becoming increasingly clear and the consequences of reckless exploitation of nature are becoming visible in numerous situations.

Diseases of affluence caused by mal- or overnutrition have also reached all-time highs. Consequently, many people are willing to rethink, sometimes, however, only when they themselves are affected by serious illness.

A few generally applicable principles that are of help for most people

For many people, vitamin and fiber-rich wholefood nutrition from ecological, organic, or organic-dynamic sources provides excellent protection against acute and chronic diseases. Regular mealtimes should also be observed. In addition, it is important to eat meals calmly and to enjoy them, thereby developing tremendous gratitude that you have something to eat. A small remembrance, a saying, or a prayer before the meal can help create a relaxed and healthy atmosphere and prepare the body for intake of food.

Things that are not helpful to people (without being dogmatic)

All unnecessary additives should be avoided. In many cases, they include preservatives, colorants, taste enhancers, etc. The vitality of a food is reduced by such ingredients, just as it is by denaturing methods such as ultra-heat treatment. Addictive substances such as alcohol and cigarettes should, if at all, only be used in exceptional circumstances. Excessive consumption of refined sugar, another addictive substance, can lead to significant damage in the long term. The same goes for increased consumption of mass-produced meat and difficult-to-digest fats. And the list goes on and on.

Without too much restriction, we can take much more responsibility for our environment and our bodies

The way in which food is produced depends much more than we realize on ourselves. With every purchase we make, we make a decision about which products we prefer and which ones we do not want to buy. Many like-minded people can achieve a tremendous turnaround and ensure they have a healthy lifestyle due to the production of the food they eat. In cases of severe illness such as cancer, healthy wholefood nutrition is often no longer enough and special diets, dietary supplements, and other medications may be required (see relevant section).

Low-carb nutrition/ketogenic food

The diet that the Arcadia clinic recommends is always geared to individual needs. We usually advise a low-carb diet, which picks up on the idea of a ketogenic diet. The diet we advocate induces a specific metabolic change.

Back in 1931, the German scientist Dr. Otto Warburg was awarded the Nobel Prize for his discovery that cancer cells have a completely different energy metabolism than healthy cells.

The special function of mitochondria as little “powerhouses”


To be more precise, the mitochondrial energy metabolism of the cells changes. Healthy cells produce most of their energy through so-called cellular respiration (in the presence of oxygen), while cancer cells generate energy through anaerobic fermentation (without oxygen). One of the properties of cancer cells is that they behave anaerobically in an aerobic environment (glycolysis). If we view cancer as a metabolic disorder, then we have to particularly consider the disrupted functioning of the mitochondria.

The mitochondrium is the powerhouse of a cell. With the help of oxygen, this powerhouse transforms sugar into energy that the cells use to maintain their life processes. In cancer cells, this small powerhouse of the body is pathologically changed. Consequently, cancer cells have to get their energy in other ways. To obtain energy, they resort to a process that is similar to fermentation. This process leads to an accumulation of acids around the cells. These acids disrupt other cell functions, inhibit the immune system, and can impair the entire body.

Although the exact reasons for the malfunction of the mitochondria have not yet been pinpointed, we do know that there are a number of nonspecific influences that can trigger the disease, including radioactive radiation, chemicals, viruses, infections, etc. Ultimately, almost every excessive and too-long-lasting effect of an irritant substance can lead to the development of cancer.

The special metabolism of cancer cells

As mentioned above, cancer cells make use of a very inefficient method for their energy metabolism because they extract only about 5% of the available energy from food. To compensate for this, cancer cells have around 70 insulin receptors, while normal cells have only four. These insulin receptors ensure a higher intake of sugar in the cells. . Put simply, cancer “wastes” energy and consequently people afflicted with it feel tired and hungry more quickly.

With dietary changes as discussed above, the body can improve mitochondrial function, enabling the metabolism to be rehabilitated. Fortunately, a number of the therapies we offer have a very favorable effect on mitochondrial function and help activate and improve the metabolism. As a result, there is reciprocal strengthening e.g. of nutritional influences, movement training, hypothermia, magnetic field therapy, oxygen treatment, and so on.

Gerson diet

Dr. Gerson’s diet – let your food become your medicine!

The Gerson diet is named after its creator, Dr. Max Gerson (1881 – 1959). He strongly believed that many illnesses can be cured, or at least improved, through detoxification and a change in diet. Dr. Gerson also primarily prescribed freshly pressed fruit and vegetable juices as well as pressed green leaves.

The juices are obtained not through centrifugation, but rather by first chopping them up very finely and then pressing them. We have a suitable juice press here at our clinic, which our guests are welcome to use.

For Gerson, it was essential to rid the body of toxins. The liver and bile system plays a crucial role.

The first step toward detoxification based on Dr. Gerson’s plan involves coffee enemas. Coffee, when administered in this way (and not when it is drunk!), causes the bile ducts to widen and allows toxins to be flushed away more easily. The enemas can be used several times a day in acute situations or for pain. Naturally, we also strongly advise not consuming harmful substances such as preservatives, refined sugars, colorants, nicotine, alcohol, and so on.

A diet containing lots of fresh food and in particular lots of different vegetable juices is the key to success.

Dr. Gerson’s success is primarily based on diets containing plenty of fresh food. Steamed vegetables and various soups were also given to patients. Particular emphasis was placed on freshly pressed, unpreserved vegetable and fruit juices not produced from centrifugation. These should be drunk up to ten times a day after being freshly prepared in order to supply the weakened body with adequate quantities of vitamins, trace elements, and secondary phytonutrients. Everything is served with no addition of salt.

This type of nutrition can be extremely helpful not just for cancer, but also for other chronic diseases.

It cannot be stressed enough that these measures can be extremely beneficial for healthy individuals too. At the first signs of weakness or even illness, this approach can help strengthen and regulate the body considerably.. Small changes can produce significant effects. Talk to us about this type of diet. We’d be happy to advise you.

Budwig diet

Dr. Budwig’s diet – improving cell respiration with an oil and protein diet

Dr. Johanna Budwig (1908 – 2003) was a qualified pharmacist, held a degree in chemistry, and had a doctorate in physics and chemistry. An enthusiastic researcher, she spent her whole life exploring the backgrounds to cancer-related diseases. She was the first to note the exceptional importance of unsaturated fatty acids for cell respiration and as a result developed a special type of diet, the oil and protein diet, which she used successfully particularly with patients with cancer, but also with those who had other chronic diseases.

Quark and linseed oil are combined simply and help to improve the oxygen supply

Back in around 1900, evidence was found that sulfur-containing amino acids (proteins) play a significant role in the organism’s use of oxygen. About 50 years later, Dr. Budwig discovered that normally localized unsaturated fatty acids in the cell membrane are the second important component for oxygen processing. Experiments immediately confirmed her theory. She therefore realized how important the presence of adequate levels of unsaturated fatty acids is for various chronic diseases and so she immediately began to develop a suitable diet. She found that linseed oil contained the various unsaturated fatty acids in a particularly advantageous composition, and by adding it to quark she provided the sulfur-containing amino acids required for the fats to be absorbed effectively into the body.

Avoiding bad fats and taking a sensible approach to lifestyle as a supplement to the oil and protein diet

Of course, the Budwig diet also requires that harmful foods are avoided, particularly bad fats that can poison the body. Dr. Budwig was thus one of the first critics of the evolving food industry, through which increasingly denatured foods were being brought onto the market. As a consequence, her nutritional ideas were viciously attacked.

Dr. Budwig believed that regular exposure to sunlight was very important for patients. She had discovered that the polyunsaturated fatty acids in the body have a lot of surface activity. This means that they travel both to the interior and the outer surfaces of the body and can be detected there a short time after they are ingested. Parts of sunlight can activate these unsaturated fatty acids further.

Both healthy individuals and cancer patients can easily include quark and linseed oil in their everyday diet, with benefits for all.

These components of the oil and protein diet can be easily spread on bread, added to muesli, or eaten as a main course, enriching not only their healthy effect but also the menu!

Base therapy

Base therapy – improving health by compensating acid-base equilibrium, especially in chronic conditions such as cancer

Many chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and cancer are greatly influenced by the way we think and act; they belong to the group of disorders known as diseases of civilization. Conversely, one can argue that these diseases of civilization can be deeply influenced and in many cases cured by altering the way we think and live our lives. But of course everyone knows how difficult it is to actually change our habits.

Basic considerations on acid-base equilibrium that can help us in our daily lives

Both acids and bases are essential for the body to function in a healthy way. There must be a harmonious distribution of the two entities in the body. A rule of thumb: “acids consume, bases preserve.” In the stomach, an acidic environment is essential for healthy function, while a basic (or alkaline) environment is essential for the intestines. If the acid or base environment becomes excessive, diseases can develop. This is also the case if either environment becomes too weak or even reversed.

In most civilization diseases, the body becomes markedly overacidified

Diet, lifestyle, and thinking habits in our modern civilized society often lead to extensive overacidification of the human body. This is often accompanied by a loss of minerals and trace elements, with deposits, accumulation, and poisoning that sometimes acutely but usually over a longer period lead to the above conditions. The impact on individuals’ quality of life is often severe. Left untreated, this situation often gives rise to premature aging and death.

We will advise you on simple ways of changing your diet, your lifestyle, and your mental attitude living a healthier life

The best possible scenario, of course, is when these changes lead to an immediate improvement and cure. With advanced chronic diseases, and particularly with cancer, additional therapeutic efforts need to be made to achieve a new and healthier balance for the individual. In these situations, a lot of patience and clearly formulated goals are necessary and helpful. We would be happy to advise you on the various approaches you can take, and we would be delighted to discuss any questions you may have. Talk to us today!

Healthy water

Healthy water – the source of life for the earth, all life forms, and humankind

Without water, life on earth would be impossible. Over 70% of the surface of our planet is covered with water, and the human body is made up of around 70% water.

What applies to external water also applies to water inside the body: If it flows freely, it is full of good properties; if it stagnates, these properties are lost. So the volume of the water concerned is not the only issue, but also its nature and quality. Our lives and our health depend greatly on water!

Water has the universal ability to absorb and adapt, and is itself a selfless carrier of information

Selflessness is one of water’s outstanding properties. It is able to adapt tremendously and absorb and carry information without mixing it with its own “opinion.”I With more and more tests, modern research is constantly demonstrating what the ancients already knew: Water can absorb, store, and pass on all kinds of information. With this in mind, it is not difficult to understand the mechanism of homoeopathy, Bach flower remedies, and so on. The information is stored in the water and then passed on to the individual. We only need to ensure that the sources of life are not burdened or poisoned. Otherwise, this same selflessness will pass on harmful information to us rather than health-giving information.

The healing power of water has been harnessed for millennia, and today it forms an important part of our treatments

Ablutions, treading water, Kneipp treatments, wraps, thermal and tub baths, hyperthermal baths, and steam baths … the list goes on and on. Outer applications can be supplemented by inner ones. Drinking treatments, inhalations, and cleansing enemas are just a few examples.

It is essential to ensure that the water is fresh and vital. It is easy to understand that stale water does not have the same force as spring water. And that spring water, depending on the information it has absorbed from the stone and cosmos, can have a very different effect and healing powers. With a little practice and confidence, anyone can easily find out for themselves what condition water is in. All you have to do is try it out and learn!

We purify water in our clinic in order to offer you a high-quality product

The water we use is first cleaned with a filter, removing any harmful substances. It is then swirled using a special water swirler. This swirling atomizes the water and fills it with air. This puts the water in a state very similar to that of spring water. As a result, the water is much easier to drink than tap water or water that has been stored in bottles. Most people can taste the difference right away.

Using adequate quantities of high-quality water is an essential addition to many of the therapies we offer, using This supports the cleansing and detoxification process and vitalizes the body. Take advantage of this service at our clinic and ask us about the various forms of water cleansing and water vitalization.

Detoxification measures

In the so-called “civilized world,” we have become accustomed to not treating nature and the environment with loving care. For decades we have exploited the earth’s resources, usually to make a profit and sometimes for convenience. We are destroying the vital ozone layer, the polar caps are melting, and so on. The list of environmental sins is long. In addition, we use pesticides, growth hormones, antibiotics, and the like in agriculture and animal husbandry carelessly. Then we are surprised when these substances make their way into our bodies via the food chain, sometimes causing severe undesired side effects.

A number of toxins put a burden on us and our lives. But it is no use complaining: We have to act. A first step is proving that there are toxins in our bodies (see Oligoscan test below).

Toxins can be excreted in different ways

But the decisive question is: How can we rid ourselves of the toxins we take in? Fortunately, almost all of the therapies we use are extremely helpful in this regard. They all have a detoxifying character.

Through the different kinds of hyperthermia, detoxification is stimulated via the skin, the metabolism is activated, kidney functions stimulated, and so on. The same applies to laser treatments, magnetic field therapy, and the different infusions, which all stimulate the metabolism, improve the body’s circulation and oxygen supply, and directly or indirectly help the body free itself of toxins.

Mental and spiritual burdens also have to be detoxified

Naturally, this physical poisoning should also be accompanied by measures that help us tackle and process psychological “pollution” and spiritual burdens. In the chapter on tension, mental training, and self-development you will find a number of additional measures that can help you get rid of such “toxins.”

And we musn’t forget that care and healing of people and the world go in hand in hand. Thus, all measures also aim at changing our basic ways of thinking and acting. If we want to live up to our responsibility as people, we have to begin with ourselves and then advocate a healthier and more sustainable environment step by step.

In individual cases, very specific measures may be necessary to remove toxins. We would be happy to advise you about the factors involved. As a rule, it is important to take the frist step and then continue down this path in peace and tranquility.

Enemas, compresses, and poultices

Enemas: an old household remedy is rediscovered

The relieving and healing effects of enemas were well known for a long time. When children had febrile diseases, enemas were given regularly with chamomile tea as a matter of course to cleanse the body of waste products and to reduce the fever. In the age of fever reducers and antibiotics, this remedy has been forgotten – unjustifiably. Laxatives are used widely while enemas, which stimulate the body to become active, are not.

Coffee enemas, for example, not only cleanse the intenstines but can directly influence and stimulate liver function! The enemas are easy to carry out and can be administered at home. Usually we have to overcome a certain resistance because we have become accustomed to viewing the intestines and their natural functions as something “dirty” that we do not want to have anything to do with, if possible. Yet we cannot live without a functioning metabolism.

Compresses and poultices: both relaxing and stimulating

Compresses and poultices also used to be integral components of a well-managed household. This art, too, has been largely forgotten. But it makes a great deal of sense to rediscover it. At our clinic, liver packs, which can be used after a good meal, are very popular. On the one hand, they help people calm down and fall asleep. On the other, they stimulate the activity of large bodily glands such as the liver and the pancreas. As a result, the latter can carry out their digestive and detoxifying function better!

Compresses are enhanced by medicinal tea and other remedcies. This also applies to poultices, which like compresses are used to relieve or strengthen bodily functions. Naturally, they are also selected and prepared specifically for the respective patient.

Become reacquiainted with the power of these old home remedies, which are important promoters of stable health!


tub baths

The ancient Romans already knew about the great benefits of baths. They spared no expense and spent a lot of time and effort developing bathing culture. Today, in our time, this old culture is being revived.

We would like to make a contribution to this development, particularly regarding the healing effects of baths, without detracting from the joy and pleasure of bathing.

Tub baths

Our patients regularly take baths in bathtubs. The addition of special salts, oils, and other medicinal substances can have targeted effects on the organism. The patient can normally continue these baths at home and enrich his or her life.



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