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Health promotion

The longer we deal with treatments of diseases at Arcadia Clinic, the more clearly we can see the enormous value of health promotion! Actually, parents who are expecting children should already be introduced to health education at all levels, and health promotion should be an integral part of kindergartens, schools, and training facilities. After all, it is not useful to learn how to swim when you fall into the water. So be inspired by the many possibilities to combine the good and the pleasant in our clinic as well as in the Arcadia Vita and to promote your health before you fall ill.

Offers at the clinic

“Prevention is the best medicine” is an old piece of wisdom. Each person has the ability to be healthy or become healthy. This ability should be strengthened, and preventive action taken if possible. The person’s lifestyle is of the utmost importance.

Based on many years of experience, we would be glad to put together an individual program for you enabling you to strengthen your health. The starting point is always an in-depth conversation. If required, we would be glad to suggest and offer you further diagnostic possibilities.

By engaging with resistance, each person gains strength and develops further. This is true on a physical level, where the human immune system develops through confrontation with illnesses, as well as on a mental and spiritual level, on which corresponding “battles” have to be waged. Naturally, health is not a static state but a dynamic one that is constantly changing. Health is a state of harmony that has to be regained every day anew.

We would be happy to advise you about Arcadia Vita’s myriad offers. Arcadia Vita is responsible for all of our indirect medical services, such as accommodation and meals for our spa guests as well as a number of other services. In addition, Arcadia Vita operates the large balneology department, which was renovated with tremendous dedication and effort. The offer is continually expanded, particularly regarding health promotion and health education.

Arcadia Vita’s services

The physical center of health

Our health center is situated in a seven-hectar spa park, which with cozy spots, individual movement offers, and a magnificent rose garden invites you to kick back and relax. 

Below is an excerpt from Arcadia Vita’s comprehensive catalogue.


Salutogenesis: cultivate life, preserve health

Our lifestyle has a strong influence on our health and wellbeing. While this is well known, it is not always easy to implement good intentions in everyday life. 



But sometimes it doesn’t take much to live a more health-conscious life. Take time for your health and learn at our clinic to dispense with old habits and live more consciously.

It is up to you to shape your life. But we can help you find the right path and provide you with methods that will have a favorable influence on your health. Physical exercises, food for thought, and recommendations for healthy nutrition.

Find new impetus for your life. We will support you and look forward to bringing you joy in the process.

An extensive physical therapy offer

Since we are covered by all kinds of insurance, patients with a doctor’s prescription can draw on a wide-ranging offer:

  • General physical therapy

  • Pilates

  • Manual therapy

  • Lymph drainage

  • Massage, including honey massage

  • Fango

  • And many more therapies

Our beekeeper prepares beehives for us!

We prepare applications of bee products that are obtained from our own hives. Soon you will be able to purchase organic honey from our spa park and other natural products.

In addition, we will offer specific therapies based on our beekeeping, including the extremely well tolerated apitherapy, about which we can already inform you.


arcadia Clinic

If you have any questions about our state-of-the-art therapies, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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