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In the Kurpark in Bad Emstal

In the heart of Germany, in thickly wooded north Hesse, lies the small town of Bad Emstal, on the outskirts of the city of Kassel. In the 1970s, an especially curative mineral thermal spring was discovered there. Around this spring, the municipality of Bad Emstal erected a spa center with a spa park, which ARCADIA has now turned into a health center offering a wide range of health-care therapies and outpatient treatments.

Today, the Kassel region is known particularly for Park Wilhelmshöhe, which was recently declared a World Heritage Site due to the Brothers Grimm, who compiled their famous collection of fairytales here, and on account of the Documenta, the world’s largest modern-art exhibition held here every five years, drawing visitors from around the world.

The countryside is marked by many forests and gentle hills, as well as brooks, rivers, and lakes. It invites you to take long strolls, hikes, bike tours, and outings. Special attractions include old fortresses and castles as well as picturesque villages.

Bad Emstal is blessed to have healing water, which can be used for drinking cures and other applications and baths, as well as a lot of greenery and good air. In the Kurpark there is a beautiful rose garden, an herb garden, and benches where you can rest. You can swim and relax in the thermal bath. And in our large Arcadia Vita balneology department you can receive treatments for detoxification, relaxation, regeneration, and recuperation.

Building in the park
Clinic entrance area

The Arcadia Clinic building

When we stood in front of the orphaned building in the Kurpark of Bad Emstal in October 2012, all of the participants quickly agreed that we had found the right spot for our future clinic. Although the existing building had stood idle for a long time and was dilapidated, the foundations were sound. We quickly resolved to purchase this piece of property, to thoroughly renovate the old building, and to add a new edifice.

With the help of our then architect Hans Ulrich Plaßmann, who is now the managing director of Arcadia Vita GmbH, the planning was pushed ahead energetically. We engaged a local construction company to build an ecological and energy-saving modern wooden building for us. It fits elegantly into the park, as though it has always been there. The various efforts were crowned by success in the summer of 2014, when we moved to Bad Emstal for good and had our opening celebration. We are overjoyed to have this place of healing at our disposal for our work.



If you have any questions about our state-of-the-art therapies, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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Dr. Henning Saupe

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