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In the small town of Bad Emstal near the city of Kassel a new spirit of optimism has emerged. A group of medical doctors began to develop a new and modern clinic and health center close to the healing waters of the mineral bath inside the beautiful park. They wanted to realize their concept of integrative medicine and offer conventional therapies as well as complementary treatments and health care to the local public and to patients from all over the world.

The name ARKADIA was chosen ten years ago by Dr. Henning Saupe, who founded his ARCADIA-KLINIKEN for complementary medicine close to Stockholm, Sweden. The name was taken from the Greek region Arcadia and was always connected to beautiful and healthy countryside where humans and gods lived together in peace and harmony. Dr. Saupe was the first doctor in Sweden to treat his patients with hyperthermia, offering this therapy to patients along with other forms of complementary treatment. The news spread quickly, and after just a year more and more patients came to be treated with this kind of therapy. But others were envious of Arkadia’s success, including several colleagues of Dr. Saupe, and he was forbidden to continue working with hyperthermia in Sweden with no scientific discussion and the clinic had to close overnight. After ten years of wide-ranging experiences in Sweden, Dr. Saupe decided to return to his home country Germany.

He moved to the city of Kassel, where his old friend Dr. Christian Büttner had worked as a general practitioner for more than twenty years. Dr. Büttner is interested in empowering people to lead lives full of passion and joy with a sense of deep fulfillment. He realized that cancer patients, in particular, as well as other people with chronic diseases, reach a point where they are open to making major changes in their lives and desperately look for help to get well again. They don’t want to be pushed around and told what to do; they want to learn how to live a more healthy life and to find support on their individual paths. As Dr. Büttner had studied psychooncology with Dr. Carl Simonton, the methodology of Heartthink with Florin Lowndes, and many other forms of holistic medicine, he was able to create a new kind of individual treatment for every patient. The two colleagues and friends decided to pool their experience and work together. The letter K changed to C, and ARCADIA-PRAXIS with two doctors and two nurses was born in Kassel.

Their work was very prosperous. Not only people from the region found support at Arcadia, but more and more patients from Sweden and other Scandinavian countries came to Kassel. A new domicile had to be found. Following six months of reconstruction, a beautiful art-nouveau building in Kassel, with a guesthouse and a store, opened its doors to patients. It was the beginning of 2009 and the name was changed to ARCADIA CLINIC.

Only four years later, at the end of 2012, it became obvious that a fourth step in Arcadia’s development was needed. A third doctor, Christoph Junge, who had worked in Herdecke as a general practitioner for more than twenty years, joined the team. Christoph Junge specializes in anthroposophical medicine, a type of integrative medicine that is well known in Germany. As a GP, he is responsible for Arcadia’s outpatient services. With his vast knowledge, he tends to patients with everyday worries as well as people with high blood pressure, heart, kidney, liver, and lung problems, etc. In addition, he is an approved trauma expert. Now the time had come to look for a new location for the clinic. The dream to create a new clinic in beautiful rural surroundings, where patients could be treated for several weeks at a time, became the top priority of the three doctors again.

With the help of Hans-Ulrich Plaßmann, architect, planner, and developer of Arcadia, the right location for the NEW ARCADIA CLINIC was found in Bad Emstal. Forty years ago, a very special kind of healing mineral water was found there and a thermal bath was built with a beautiful park around it. But the estate lay like a sleeping beauty, waiting to be kissed awake. The Arcadia team decided to play the role of the prince!

After a year and a half of intensive thinking, planning, and construction, the whole Arcadia team was united in Bad Emstal at the end of June 2014. The old building in the park was restored, housing the outpatient facilities and the seven apartments of Arcadia clinic. The new building next to the old one contains the rooms for intensive treatment as well as therapies for cancer patients and other chronically ill people from across the globe. Inside the thermal bath, the new ARCADIA VITA GmbH, which is responsible for non-medical treatments at Arcadia, opened the Arcadia balneology department and a store offering health products. In the future, more Arcadia activities are planned in the immediate surroundings.



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